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Oh my, I LOVE lime marmalade, as I'm sure I would love almost anything made from your garden produce. Couldn't you teleport it?


Yes, I too would not say no to lime marmalade, however, I might put those limes to use in gimlets...Sheesh, limes falling, just like that?? You are SO lucky!


never had lime marmalade. orange is the standard in stores here, lemon is the standard, very rare, exotic. but limes are easy enough to buy, i'm drinking a few right now.
yes also to feldenkrais and reflexolgy. and ida rolf. i expect you'll be doing yoga on the croquet court in a few weeks.


Excess quantities of marmalade can always be shipped up to Bundaberg where they'll find at least one male enthusiast ;-)


I also am not a big marmalade fan...but everything else you mentioned sounds delish. I stopped by on the off chance that you may be back blogging and was rewarded!


You're back!


Any chance of the chilli sauce recipe? Can't get over the exotic riches of your garden, unimaginable here. But we do have a glut of apples this year and pounds and pounds of plums. Can't give 'em away locally, we just have to stock up the townie visitors with bagfuls when they come.


It's been so long Jude. I just dropped in tonight to see if you had reappeared, but didn't hold out much hope. So imagine my surprise. Good luck with your new interests.


it's been a long time again.
i'm just sayin' ya know?


Just dropping by to wish to you and yours a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Over a year since your last post...


Yes, Elsewhere, I've noticed that too! Hope Jude is reading this and knows that people are still thinking about her.


On the spur of the moment decided to drop in to see what you were up too. Glad to hear you are busy and adding new interests to your calender.

Greg Winterflood

Tjilpi has been resurrected!


Jude should do some "Community Work". It's good therapy.


goodness, almost two years without posting!

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