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So, you are back and in good form. Hope your brief respite from blogging was restful.


Patience rewarded, I nearly took you off the blogroll last week. Glad you are back. I must get hold of this - some of the articles on his website are extremely interesting - and worrying. I have always felt grateful that I belonged to a uniquely lucky generation - no war at home, free education, health, the pill, continuing employment, equal opportunities, rising house prices at the right time, technology; experiencing all the benefits of progress while remembering the last sweet glimmers of the old, slower world. I hope what bit I leave won't have to be used for my care and can benefit the youngsters eventually. I understand their resentment entirely.


oh good, so i didn't miss anything here while i was gone.
thanks for poking at the good doctor.
i'll be back and looking for more of your charm and wisdom too. and stuff about fruit i can't find over here.


Bloody hell. I don't need this kind of irritation in my life. I was happy snoring in in deep winter covered in down duvet, and now people are trying to wake me from hibernation. All I can say is, Beware of a Bear with a Headache!


* covered in my down duvet

Walter Jeffries

Um... The X-er's got a point. On top of that the Baby Boom Generation seems to want to micro-manage our lives. They think they invented everything and know best. It's annoying.

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