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Welcome back.


Welcome back, missed you ! Happy New Year


Hi Jude, Really great to see you back, I was worried something had happened to you! A Very Happy New Year to you. Hhhmmm funny you didn't bother blogging, here in the UK there is a lot of talk about blogs tailing off this year. People are beginning to loose interest in writing them in some report I read! Hope your injuries didn't hurt too much, horrible falling over when older!


Yes, I have also started these trees from cuttings. The trunk is so soft and fibrous it does well.

Ronni Bennett

Hey, Jude... (ooh, sounds like a good title for a song)

Nice to see you back. I'd stopped by a few times and wondered. Here's to much more from you in 2007.

Sarah Martin

I came across this site while searching for pics of Cooktown. I actually met you briefly in Cooktown while you were at Nature's PowerHouse and I asked to take your photo for the Cooktown Local News, but then I saw your plastered-up face and felt a bit embarrassed. You politely declined the offer!
What a small world it is to find a photo of you out of the blue.
I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Cooktown, drop into the Local News office if you ever come back this way!

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