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I'll have to discover El's residential address...


Oh, Jude, you can dislike creatures without being cruel. There's so much desensitising humour about featuring mistreatment of animals for fun - frogs in blenders etc. I am very concerned by it: young people here are now featuring heavily in reports of appalling cruelties - football with kittens last week.


Heh. And it's not even Friday (or should I say 'furday')


Go Anna.

It's about time Jude was brought into line. She probably has a fur coat which she describes as Mink; but which is really made out of cat fur.


Heh heh, I've seen that elsewhere before but I still get a laugh out of it. And I'm a cat lover.

But darn, I thought I was going to pick up some good practical tips when I read the title. Though it would be nothing like the advice from that bestseller book (which I bought myself) called Speed Cleaning. In that book they tell you to shut the door, put on goggles and some head covering, spin around with a box of bicarb of soda with small puncture holes in it, covering all surfaces, then spray vinegar onto it to make it fizz. After mopping and wiping up, spray with water and sweep down the drain. C'mon! Can you imagine? Pity the people who don't read the vinegar container first - not to be used on aluminium, as in showerscreen surrounds.


Sorry, Anna, if my macabre sense of humour offends. I too, abhor senseless acts of cruelty to animals. If the truth be known, I choose not to own a pet because I do not want the responsibility of caring for an animal that has needs that I might not fully comprehend or be able to meet. Caring for the young of our own species is a frightening enough responsibility. I spent 14 years as a child welfare officer trying to put right some of the many wrongs inflicted by parents and others who were unable to do the right thing by children in their care. I am glad there are others prepared to do the same for mistreated animals.


Val - Your comment prompted me to dig up my ancient copy of Peg Bracken's 'The I Hate to Housekeep Book', published in 1963. Her maxim - "If it's loose, pick it up; if it isn't, dust it; if it moves, feed it". I must re-read it, now that avoiding housework is up there as one of my more serious pursuits.


So glad you are back, dear heart. Now I must go read all your posts!

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