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Oh, Jude,TOO funny! And you are so right, how can they stand it? I've noticed too that hairdressers who work in trendy salons often have rather, well, appalling hair cuts! I'm lucky in that I found a salon run by a husband and wife who are about my age and are so practical with their suggestions and advice. They don't have any music playing either, because they say, rightly, that no music will ever appeal to everyone. Instead we have wonderful conversations. I love going to have my hair done. It's like going to a friend's place.


I hate hair in my eyes, too. Up until 18 months ago, I had long hair. I've mostly had long hair and it was particularly good when I was working in hospitality as I used to pull it back off my face and plait it...and there it stayed day and night. Eighteen months ago I had an morning around 10 while sitting at my computer I jumped up, headed to the bathroom with intentions of cutting off about two inches of my hair. About 30 minutes later I emerged with shorter hair, just about level with my ear lobes! And have kept it that way since. And even if I blow my own trumpet looks pretty good....much to my surprise, I must admit! ;) At first I wouldn't let anyone walk behind me...I wasn't sure how the back turned out! But it turned out okay after a few levelling up trims! hehehehehe...I hate going to hairdressers...had you already guessed! ;)


And isn't it hell to have to sit & look in the mirror while they do it? In your climate I should think 'short' or 'up' would be the only bearable styles.

Do you colour yours, Jude? I'm going so white on the sides now that I'm getting tempted. It's just the drag of having to keep dealing with touching up the roots.


I'm with you, Jude. At my age, I'm afraid they still want to give me that long fringe which is extremely annoying, particularly if you have hair that grows quickly and a tendency to dermatitis round your eyes (hope that's not too much information!)


Yep, Anna. I have been putting one of those easy-to-use colours through my hair. Not because I am vain, but because I really don't recognise myself whenever the fading strands start to show. I would love it to turn a nice sedate grey, but unfortunately it doesn't happen with hair the colour of mine.


I don't know if this will work, for example I don't know if I have to be a member or something. Jude, I was really laughing at your post on hair, I agree about hair over the eyes, but I expect those models all have a load of hair grips. It would be great to see them in "real life"!!! I'm 60 and have my hair dyed every 4 months or so, I go to a lovely female hairdresser, who is relaxed and friendly, and doesn't put on airs and graces. Somehow she streaks colour through my hair, so as it grows grey again there is not a straight line of white, hence only going every 4 months. I found you Jude, by reading your posts on the marvellous Linda Walls site. I really miss her.


Jude, Have just discovered you, & enjoyed your blogs.
I am 60 something, & how I related to your hair piece!
Having just had an awful awful cut at a new trendy place just opened, I will not be going back! The flip young thing who did the cut could not stop admiring HER haircut in the mirror, between wild snips at mine. I have been left with a lopsided cut, which is becoming more evident as it grows. I am almost at the point where I would just like a shave!
Cannot be bothered with dye, but my hair is still mainly brown! A genetic 'lucky streak' so to speak.
Will return to read further.


good site for boys..)))

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