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Strange enough I thought I commented earlier. I thought I even checked to see if my comment was there.

Anyhow... I like mangoes in any form, fresh, dried and in things like ice cream.

I only recently discovered there was more than one kind. The fat one with the red blush (I know best) and my recent discovery of a smaller thinner yellow one sold here as a Phillipine or Champaign mango.

Go net that tree!



My husband and sons are MAD about mangoes, but here in Melbourne they are still rather exotic. That doesn't stop them from buying a whole tray of them though. Lots of luck with your crop this year, Jude. And I see those dreadful fruit bats have reared their ugly rodent-looking heads. Did you see my post on the orange-shooting bazookas taking on the bats in Melbourne?


The only way I can eat a mango is sitting in the bath with a tootpick to remove the strings.

I adore mangoes...always have done. When living up in north Queensland, I was in heaven. In the grounds of a motel I was managing at one time in Cardwell, there were 21 Bowen mango trees growing and producing! Yum!


Sorry...I posted this mango comment without logging in.


Our house is surrounded by huge mango trees, although not one of them is in our own yard, I must get some photos. I love the trees and the mangoes, I grew up with Bowen mangoes in the yard in Townsville, in season you could lean out a window and pick them, but here the flying foxes beat us to them unless we pick them green - mind you, stewed green mangoes... hard to beat!

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