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Thanks for the fruit-page link Jude... lots to learn. I for one am glad people planted big trees all those years ago; I love big trees - I saw some absolutely amazing varieties on our trip, but couldn't get Noel to stop and let me takes photos, sensible really, we would never have got anywhere.


That sounds like a very interesting fruit with an unusual taste, Jude. You are indeed ambitious to plant it.

Thanks for the visit. I didn't know that Steve was more popular here than in AU, but I for one, will miss his cheerful demeanor and optimism.


Ah yes, I remember buying these at the market in Indonesia. They do have a sort of artificial bubblegum taste to them.


Interesting stuff, Jude! I've seen jacfruit in tins here in Melbourne, but don't think I'll be trying it if it tastes like bubblegum.

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