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I am intending to read that book too, Jude, especially now that it seems that the quarter acre is under siege, being covered with McMansions from fenceline to fenceline.

Re your bonfire: hope you don't light it when upwind of someone who has washing out on the line! Nice tie-in with my blog post, eh?!


It must be spring... I have been waiting for Noel to go back to work (he has had 3 weeks off, goes back today) - to get started on my back-yard spring clean. For a small yard we have a lot of BIG trees, and I clip and trim and make a big pile of rubbish in behind where it's not visible, then I need a young strong man to come in about twice a year and do the heavy cleaning up.

I can't wait to get started, but today is NOT spring, at least not down here, it's very wintry, cold and wet -

We nearly came up to Tambourine on the weekend, I'll have to find out where your stall is Jude, or are you only there sometimes?


You might be confusing me with someone else Della. I'm not from Tamborine and don't have a stall - although I love going to markets. I live further east and it's cold and windy here too today.


Hi Jude, I think it must be that 'old lady' mixing things up. I know 'somebody' sometimes has a craft stall in Tambourine, at least I think it was Tambourine - I'll have to go back through the blogs... sorreee...

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