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At least they have a target! What an interesting and 'coloful' town. I hope the visit and the memories flow well.


I think that is so nice to make a visit to home town!
Love the colour of the building, too!


About 30 years ago (I can't believe it was that long ago) I worked in Bendigo Victoria with a girl from Whyalla and always had an urge to go and check it out. Now since pink is my favourite colour i think I will have too. Enjoy your stay.


Are you watching 'Two Men in a Tinnie" on the ABC Tuesday evenings at 8pm? It's a great half viewing...a trip down the Darling to the Murray. Fascinating programme. I love it.


Unfortunately Lee, I've been missing out on those Men in their Tinnie on Tuesdays - usually because of competing attractions on SBS. But hopefully the series will come out on a DVD at some stage.


Jude, that ore dust is terrible - and people are breathing it, scary...

I must get your husband to send his tree-fellers here, I have one gum that the experts keep telling me should come down, but to my eye it is not tall enough or heavy enough to do serious damage... yet... I hate cutting trees so subterfuge would be needed here too.

Men in their tinnies is well worth a look, I cannot believe what has happened to the rivers though - how can that have been allowed to happen?

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