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Hi Jude, I can really relate to that first baby's smile. It has taken a long time for my baby to accept me at all. I hardly ever see her so she took a while, but finally she knows I am 'nana' and on the last visit she even climbed herself up into my lap - mind you, as soon as she realised what she had done, she was straight back off again. I have patience.

Great pictures, thanks.


I must go in search of households harbouring babies! My two cats gave up wearing disposable nappies a couple of years ago! ;)

What a great idea!


That oh so colorful photo of your young grandchild is fabulous! I'd have the happy contented look on my face too if I had such joyous surroundings.

Wow, I had forgotten all about nursing pads...


Your grandchild is just beautiful, Jude!

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