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Beautiful orchard!
Have a nice weekend!


Good idea on the bottle. Maybe I can try a version of that next spring when we get our insect implosion.


I love this time of the year with all the citrus trees bearing their beautiful, succulent fruits. I can't get enough of them! Your garden looks great.

Ronni Bennett

Summer is coming to an end in Maine and it's felt like fall already for the past ten days or so. One of the terrific things I just realized about knowing a gardener on the other end of the world is the tips I collect over my winter, your summer, for my garden next year.

I have no idea if I'll need insect traps on my small deck garden next spring, but what a great idea. Just one question: what is May oil?


I've enjoyed your writings. I loved the start on your list of 100 things... I agree with many!

I tried to find what "May Oil" is as it sounded like a great preventative measure for a lot of different vegetables. I'm in Central Florida and probably have a different list of aggravating pests, but I think your bottle trap might suit a lot of different species with just a bit of altering.

What is May Oil?


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