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That is too marvellous for words (except these ones).


Didn't the Egyptians regard cats as Gods?

I'd step very very carefully if I were you....


Oh poor puss! For me the photo is a bit of black humor, which I enjoy. I can understand cat phobia, my mother is a good example. For years I just assumed that I was the same until we adopted one of a litter rescued from drowning, and then I was hooked.


"Always keep your leftover salmon covered tightly."

Account Deleted

I see you have not posted for more than a week.

Has the cat got your tongue?


Even if it's meant to be a joke, I think this picture is very unpleasant, and offensive to all real cat lovers.

Account Deleted

See. You'veproved it. As your banner says. You don't like REAL cats, and possibly not REAL cat lovers. I'm a fan of ARTIFICIAL cat lovers. How is our metal friend getting on?

I discovered recently that someone has a cat trap. This cat hater hates cats as cats keep attacking their cage full of exquisite birds. The cat walks into the trap and triggers a lever which keeps the cat caged.

The cat hater then puts the cat and cage into a Wheelie Bin full of water.

Compared to that, you're an innocent. Bless you for reezing fake moggies only.

Or do you own a cat trap and wheelie bin as well?

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