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I've been reading your blog for ages and thought it was about time I gave you a big "hello" from California, USA.

DH is the gardener of our little plot. I just sit back, admire his work and reap the benefits is flowers and veggies.

I really enjoy reading about your corner of the world.

Here's hoping you recover from your surgery quickly.

Darla in CA


What surgery? How come I don't know about that? There you are freezing the top half of kittens, and not letting me know that are being brain freezed by an anaesthetist while someone with a penchant for the knife takes a scalpel to you....

Defies gravity...

Please send me an email via the secure path...



Nice to hear from you Darla. Why don't you get out there and work alongside DH. (You could be lucky and collect a hernia too!)


Amazing how us gardeners consider hermia surgery just a blip of downtime in the grand scheme of things! I will enjoy seeing the blossoms and fruit on these new and interesting trees.


Some people will do ANYTHING to get out of digging some holes! Seriously, hope you're not out of action too long, Jude.


Hi Jude, me again - sorry to hear you've been 'under the knife' - the trick is not to be tempted to start digging holes again until you are fully healed up again.
Get Well Soon.

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