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Mmmm, that quiche looks good! Could try that with silver beet too (I think that's called Swiss chard in the U.S.). So easy to grow, although that may be a cold climate thing.

Thanks for the explanation of the poppyseed tea cake. I'll try that. I was thinking I might try some substitutions. Cardamom powder might be interesting instead of cinnamon. I make a shortbread with cardamom and it's very intriguing.


That quiche is making me hungry even though I ate a big dinner. My garden was off to a great start but fizzled a bit. I'm not sure why. We got loads of zuchinni squash but not much else and the tomatoes don't look very good.



Hey Jude - when I grew up in Maryborough [MYB] we called Macadamia Nuts "Bauple Nuts" - Bauple Mountain lies south of MYB. I drove through the town of Bauple on the way from Brissie to MYB - exquisitely rural and hinterlandish now that the highway passes it by. There are even road signs extant which I first remember seeing when I was about 8.

By the way, Macadam was a Melbourne man - but Bauple Nuts was/is the local name around MYB. I believe there is a variety in PNG???


In all my years in PNG I didn't come across any nut similar to the Bauple. But thanks for the info on the origin of the Bauple name. Sounds like it could be an interesting place to visit. Did you check out the Bauple Mountain fairies when you went through?

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