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Jude, so lovely to have you back. And quite a few of us would relate to your need to be away from the blogsphere for a while. It is an engrossing but time consuming activity.

Awww, the newie is so cute! And don't you love how they can sleep "with intent"? Babies sometimes have this look of "I'm sleeping now, don't mess with me". Congratulations to the whole family.


Happy birthday. What a lovely bub


Happy Birthday! Your grandchildren are just adorable!
I understand well your reason for not blogging, but I am glad you are back!


Well, Happy Birthday to you, of course. And good to see you back in the blogosphere. The world is a richer place.


Happy birthday, Jude. You're missed when you're not here. Your new grandchild is so beautiful.


Oh, good, you've bobbed up again; know what you mean about sleep v. blogging, a break is needed from time to time.
That is a splendid cake and you are looking particularly chic. Many happy returns.


Happy birthdays, bub and grandma! I haven't visited for a while, just popped in on a whim and was pleasantly surprised...


Hi, I love your blog! Best wishes for your birthday and your new baby grandchild is just so sweet, lovely little mouth. The light streaming through (I'm assuming) your glass doors looks wonderful and would have made your birthday party just that little bit extra special. The hinterland is a gorgeous area, I am a little further north and can only admire your surroundings from time to time. Enjoy your blogging free days.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

"As well as not posting, I've not been reading many blogs either. Just paying a visit every so often to make sure all is well with my ever-growing list of favourite bloggers and special friends. Interestingly, I've found that some of them have been blogging less frequently as well." Yep, that's me, too. Good to see that all's well with you, Jude. Happy birthday!


hi, you have lovely pictures. I noticed in particular your picture of a small cinnamon tree. do you have any idea where one could purchase a cinnamon tree in the USA? I really would like to get one, but am having great difficulty. Anyway, any helpful advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. take care


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