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Oh, Jude, thank you so much for this post. It's like getting a present! Speaking of which, I'm going to look out for one of those retirement clocks - that's priceless!

So much of what you write gives food for thought, and it will be interesting to see how my retirement develops. I can very much imagine how it might be difficult to "get used to spending so much time at home in one-another's company"! That's one reason why we think it's good to retire at different times. But time will tell, and time, there will be more of!

Val - the Clock might be priceless - but it will cost you Quids! My mother and father retired on the same day. The had worked together in their Pharmacy from 1954 to 1978. The spent their days and nights together. Mum was telling me on the phone how much she misses Dad, especially because of the closeness of their working life, as well as their life at home. From the age of 16 they had never been separated, except for the 5 years Dad spent in PNG in the War, until Dad died at the age of 87. Mum too is 87.

We're all different.

I'm one of those new breed of people - One relationship - two houses; but I'm planning on retiring and having Marg and myself buy a single house next door to Jude!!!


Great post, Jude!
Love the clock!


Now there's an interesting prospect - having that rascal Tj living right next door! But I always thought that old GPs didn't retire - they just lost their patience.


Jude, haven't heard that one before. Will keep it in mind.

Yes, the Real Estate Agent's are on the hunt(lie's).

How about Dr's Winter'sflood's practice is soon to open?


This is great. It just reminds me that everyone approaches retirement differently and also lives retirement differenly...maybe a way they didn't think. You sound happy and well-adjusted and that is the most important part of retirement.


People have commented on my blog and to me in emails how much they enjoyed reading this post, Jude. It really is a topic that people can contribute to and are happy to do so. And I think there would be quite a developing market for that clock, judging by how many people have mentioned it.Thanks again.


Hi Jude ~~ I popped over from Val and have enjoyed reading some
of your posts. I am glad that you and your husband are enjoying your
retirement together. The clock is wonderful. I wore a watch for most of my first 60 years, but haven't the last lap, except when I go out.
Take care, Merle.


Hi Jude, another visitor from Val. How lovely of you to do that for her - I've been in before and always enjoy reading your posts. We were driving in the hinterland last Sunday... went up to Springbrook... it's all so green and lovely at the moment.

I am so jealous of the new time I have to spend with myself in my study and the garden, that I resist getting involved in anything that takes me away, so far of course, that might change as I am here longer.

regards, Della

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