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What a funny, sweet thing this is - Linda lived in England, near to where I'm hoping to move to, but I hear about her bravery and her beautiful butterflies from you, my friend in Australia. There are many kinds of closeness.


I loved this story about the Butterfly Lady. I just can't imagine sitting down and writing every day about dying. It so amazes to me, I suppose because I find death so terrifying. Where does one get the "pluck" to face something like that head on? I admire her courage and thank you for telling her story.


Two blogs and two moments: one happy moment with a birth and a sad moment with a death! The life carry on... I am so sorry that Linda unfortunately lost her battle and died. I remember well that I read your post about Linda's disease. Sad, very sad. I admire her courage too.


I read your post and listened to its import.


Finally found time to comment. It is amazing what an effect blogs have had on all of our lives. I wish I was going to be around in 100 years and see where this was going.


Jude, to answer you question about clothes when high in the air.... If you have a look at the photo of Simon in the back and me in the front, which was taken with my digital camera held far forward in my unseen left hand, you'll see that we are, in effect, in a glass house. The canopy is made of perspex and, in the sunny conditions here, even in winter, we take off our bomber jackets before going up. The OAT (outside air temperature) may be Zero Celsius but inside we are snug and warm - fluttering about the sky like a butterfly.


Thanks for your comments Jude. I see you have stopped blogging but not commenting. I tried that for a while.

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