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Following this sad tale I'll remember to disown my own children if they ever have children of their own ;-]


I think you need a cat rather than another grandchild. Cats may shadow, but they don't require any assistance dressing. In fact, they wash themselves.


El - But what about the Catty-Litter that seems to have been required in some of your previous posts??


I could imagine you doing all things until I came to 'riding the trike'. Now, it's either a penny-farthing, or you were not actually taking part in this activity.

Grand kids are wonderful, but boy they do wear you out. Guess I must have had more energy when I had four children of my own - I'm sure they didn't make me as tired as one grandchild on its own can. Still love them, though.

I hope your new grandchild arrives uneventfully and happily.


For me it is just like having children. I so much wanted time away and then if and when I got any, I so much wanted time with them, and then I wanted nap time. I am thinking it will be much the same with grandchildren. It can't easily be done in small doses.


Tjilpi -- I'm training them to use the catdoor instead.


Thinking of you, Jude. Do let us know news of the new grandchild and her mum.


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