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Nice to see that you're back...
It's near to snowing here...below zero some has to be scraped off windscreens...


Snow Flake is gorgeous!


Jude, I know you've got snow in the backyard; but you've gone off the boil.

Baby due soon??

Lesley de Voil

Hi Jude
Yes, one thing about the snowflake plant is that it, like the bauhinias, pointsetttia, and even the jacaranda, does best when stressed - a long, dry summer produces the most prolific show of flowers.
Well, I guess with climate change, we look like getting more of the latter.
Funny, isn't it? notice that these are all South American natives.
Since it produces a large cap of flowers on slender stems, it does best when supported by other plants in an informal hedge planting.


Hi Lesley, Yes, true about the long dry summers - and Bougainvillea is another South American import in the same category. I have noticed that the majority of the tropical and sub-tropical fruits we grow originated from South America as well. Unfortunately, for fruit production ample rain is essential.


Doesn't Bougainvillea come from Bougainville? Named after the Frenchman who discovered both it, and the island?

I guess I should have Googled or Wikipedia'd before saying that; but that was always my belief.

I'm now going to check if I'm rite or rong...


As Pablo would say



Yeah, dagnabit!

Term Paper

Hi Lesley!These white leave's plants are very amazing.These just like a Snow is also known as Snows of Kilimanjaro, Little Christmas Flower, Pascuita, or Snow Bush.

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