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That's a beautiful photo! The last trimester the hardest, yet, wow, such a blossom of preciousness within...


Yes, she's beautiful. Never having been through this, I always think it must be so strange for a young, slim woman to grow all that bulk, become heavy, lose sight of everything from the navel down... It must be particularly strange and wonderful, too, to watch your daughter going through what you did to give birth to her. I hope the house move goes ok - they must be very glad to have you not too far away and able to help out.


Nice hair!


Why is it that I can't see my omphalos either? I know I'm not pregnant.


I wonder why back in my day we used to hide under tent like maternity tops. The pregnant female body is beautiful.

PS: I can't see my toes either.....:)


I remember enjoying my first pregnancy in every detail. It became a grand biological experiment in my body and every change, pain, movement was fascinating. It is still the best miracle we have got going.


What a beautiful sight! And what Tabor wrote speaks for me too. What an adventure pregnancy and childbearing is.


I was also back in the tent days. She looks beautiful and I wish her well. You must be so excited, grandchildren are such a joy, I love every second I am with them. I only have 2 and it looks like that is the end.


Beautiful photo!
All happiness to her daughter!

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