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Mr six looks very serious!


One of those 'snakes' ran over my bare foot one day when I was at kindy. I understand the excitement they can cause.


Sounds like a wonderful day, and the little ones look happy and content.


Hi, i was just browsing gardening blogs and came across your site. As i am in the UK working I was looking for Aussie sites as I will be returning to my garden (cedarvale near Jimboomba) soon. Have not seen it for 8 months. Looking forward to the warmth. Like you I have this horrible ringing happening. Have had a soft noise in left ear for some years, then suddenly on Sunday (home sitting quietly) it intensified to an unbearable level in both ears. It's only been 3 days and It's driving me up the wall. Been to Dr. given nasal spray and told well it's amazing what you can adapt to. If you are over 50 here they are not that interested. Hope yours is improving.


Wow, Kerrin, that's a whole lot worse than my complaint. Sounds like true tinnitus. I hope you get some help soon. My ears are still clogged and crackling, but seem a little better.

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