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This scene brings back traumatic memories of the days after ...
In the quiet of our bedroom one hot summer night, we heard a slight noise in the ceiling overhead. Soon the skittering sounds moved from one end of the room's ceiling to the other, repeatedly, until it began to sound like a racetrack of some sort. A check the next day (not by me, you can be sure) revealed fruit rats had not only invaded our attic, but had set up housekeeping. I'll spare you the details, referring you back to the opening line of this comment. We haven't had fruit rats since. I won't attempt to address the moral and religious implications of the actions that were taken.


Have you taken a week off to cleanse your soul after murdering mice?


I think that the fact that you live in the country and eat food usually has something to do with the mouse population in your house. I still think it is clean---I mean look how clean that mouse trap is!


The mouse plague is over - with a body count of only two. Emptying those traps is not my favourite job, but it beats having a half dead one dropped at your feet by a huntress cat.

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