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When I was at home in Maryborough for Dad's funeral there was a skink which had taken to coming inside the house. He was about a foot long. I can share your grief at the accidental demise of your kitchen companion.


Hi Jude, (love your name)

Came to your blog through the Aging Project. I love your pics. We are the same age and I would like you to stop by my blog sometime. Your life out there sounds exciting and interesting.

I am a writer of poetry and prose and also a health research writer, mainly on the study of aging.
I would love to hear from you.

to your good health,

Kit Hubert

Oh no, that's too sad.

Maybe that's a good reason for using those "live traps" to catch mice, the kind where you take mousie outside
somewhere away from the house and release it to live or die according to the laws of the jungle. My husband
always said, Phooey, the mice just find their way back to the house eventually, but I don't know; I think it's
just dogs and c*ts that do that.


Too sad, poor little skink!
I fear so much rodents! They transmit many diseases! Fortunately I don't have any rodents in my house and in my yard. Really, I don't know why... But I have many skinks all around my house, in and out!

I must say, Tj, that I might find a skink a foot long in the house a bit challenging - especially thinking about the droppings.

No, Kit, couldn't bear the thought of freeing a live mouse from a trap. He might run up my arm! I don't have any worry about disposing of a dead one though. I usually leave the body where I think a kookaburra might find it - although I think they prefer theirs live.

Hi Sonia - how interesting that you have no mice or rats. Perhaps you have a cat - or maybe there are birds that keep the population down.

Thanks for stopping by, Sage. I visited your blog. You have some interesting links and recipes, and some I've saved, but all that healthy living - rather intimidating for someone with lackadaisical tendencies like me!


I am guessing it was quick and painless. By the way, you have a really clean floor!

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