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Sorry to hear you've been feeling ill. Hope you have a lovely relaxing break and return feeling restored. The gecko is adorable, but I guess I wouldn't like to share a house with dozens of them!



The markings of the gecko are wonderfully clear when I click on the photo to enlarge it.

I hope you've recovered and are enjoying your break.


There seems to be a bit of a gecko population explosion this year in Bundaberg as well, wonder why ?


I wish we had geckos where I live. Wonder if I imported one (they have them in Hawaii) it would survive here in the house? :-) We don't have the Hawaiian climate, nor do we get quite as hot as you in the Hinterlands, so suspect they might require special living quarters inside the house. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


I hope you are feeling better now, Jude. I know a week on the NSW South Coast will put a spring back in your step. We were down there, too, this past week - perhaps I passed you on the street? Were you south or north of Batemans Bay? We were south. Love all the area down there. Lovely mix of country and coast.

What a beautiful little gecko.. its pattern is so intricate and complex!

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