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congratulations on getting heating for your pool! I too don't think this is a necessity (although maybe more so in Melbourne), but it sure would be nice to be able to use the pool in those shoulder seasons. It is character-building though to venture into an unheated pool, that's something I never thought I could do. The summer has been hot down here, today was another day in the high 30s, so the pool was very welcome. Splash!

I don't envy you the house hunting though, but I'm sure your daughter is VERY appreciative in her situation.


Gee, I guess I hadn't realized you were old enuf to have grown children. House hunting is an exciting and exasperating time. I remember those days.

 Buck 1936

Do you know Jude I never realised a heated pool was needed on the Gold coast as we swim here in the sea even after Easter; still thinking about it, you are inland I guess if your Blogs name is hinterland dweller;
I don't think I would go in the briny at that time of the year still my son does.
On the other hand if it is Brisbane well yes I can understand it, it will be great when finished of course; I envy you a little.
I haven't been around much lately been crook.
A good post as always;


If that is hubby in the side of the last, he needs a pat on the back and a nap! I remember doing this with my daughter on her first house and now she is looking for the upgrade as she has only two bedrooms and wants a second child in the coming years. Looking forward to hearing about the solar pool systems as they have not worked so well for a friend in Florida, but that was number of years ago.


I would have that that you, Jude, would only swing a cat when outside your four walls. And - when the cat had gained sufficient speed - that you would then let it go, hoping that it would sail over a neighbouring fence or two.


No, regretfully, that isn't hubby in the photo, Tabor. Hinterland hubby has a paunch and a grey beard, and it was he who took the shot. He had been a reluctant starter in the day's venture, and was well and truly flagging by that stage, but his presence was vital. Both the kids and I depend on his input. He drives the rushed course from one house to the next, while I navigate. In an inspection, he has the expertise to pick up maintenance and structural details that I would miss.

Lesley de Voil

Hi Jude
Hope your family are keeping an eye on the NSBT/Airport Link projects, as there will be some resumptions, some changes to main road access, and also considerable fallout
(pollution) if the tunnels go ahead as presently mooted. This applies to north and south of the river.
See for plenty of detail.


Yeah! I thought we were meant to be tough! What is with a solar heated pool in QLD?

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