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I don't know why the skeptic in me comes out...

Maybe it is triggered by fundamental errors such as calling tryptophan a protein, when, in fact, it is an amino acid...

But I did see some yummy looking bananas in Coles yesterday.


I bought two bananas last night. Haven't done that for yonks. M and I polished them off with great satisfaction!

Must be the bananablog effect.


Could be a problem if M starts eating too many bananas. I shouldn't imagine she would want to keep the doctor away.


Bananas are great. I've certainly noticed the energy hit from them. Did't know about the mossie bite business though.


They're a great fruit, all right. Unfortunately, here in Aotearoa/NZ we're limited in the variety and quality of bananas we can get (all imported). After eating small, sweet, yellow-fleshed bananas in Fiji, I swore I'd never eat them in NZ again, but out of necessity (well, actually, desire) I reneged on my vow.

Interesting to hear about all these benefits, although, like Tjilpi, I remain sceptical about some. Nevertheless, I think I'll replace my snake oil with more bananas ;^)

Nice reading about life across the ditch. Thanks!

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