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I often wonder how I've come to find blogs that I visit regularly now. I'm not sure how I found yours, though it may have been a technorati search on "rural living" or such as that. I think I then found my way to Tjilpi from your site. (He's a rascal.)


Pablo (Jude - I hope you don't mind my using your site to talk to Pablo) I can't get onto your site. I keep getting an error message saying that I don't have access. I know I haven't said anything outrageous recently - my last comment was about 80 acres being spot on as 0.125 of a square mile. If I click on your link (ie pablo) at the bottome of your comment above I still get the error message. Have I been banned?

Account Deleted

Jude, I must be getting dense. I can't work out what the other unintended meaning is??

By the way, are you able to get to Round Rock?

And spelling above is, of course, bottom.


Tjilpi, don't feel bad, I too couldn't figure out the other meaning (but did, finally). We must be such innocents, heh heh!

In this vein, I must report that when I click on Pablo's link, I am FORBIDDEN!!


Thanks for that Val. I don't feel so bad now; but I wonder why Pablo has picked on you too ???

Seriously though, I've been trying to find out what "403 Forbidden Error" means. From what I can gather it is a switch on Pablo's server which stops outsiders searching directories on that server; but it should allow outsiders to look at his web pages. Without being able to view his blog, I don't have access to his email address to let him know about this problem.

(Thanks for the use of this space Jude - I am hoping that Pablo comes back here to check on his comment and will find that both innocent Val, and rascally Tjilpi can no longer see his site.)


I had to look twice to catch the other meaning on that also. I was intrigued to visit this and other blogs when interesting-sounding references were made on TGB. Then, subsequent blogs, including this one, have intro'd me to other interesting blogs. I. too, was not admitted to Pablo's site, but since I do not have a blog of my own, thought that was probably why.


Shoot, even I can't get to my site! There's some problem at the host server, but they sure have chosen an unfortunate phrasing for the error message. I'm not blocking anyone, least of all rascals. I keep hoping that the problem will be fixed, but after having spent most of the last two days down, I don't know why it isn't already fixed, so I may be in for a long dark night.


Thanks for filling us in Pablo. As you can see, even on the other side of the world the inability to access your journal is a cause for much concern. Meanwhile your crisis has provided a nice boost to my comment tally for today.

Just keep spreading the comments so everyone will know that you are still alive.


It's good to know that Pablo is still kicking.

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