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I've had this happen to me more than once - there is the book listed on a web site for sale - you place your order only to get an email back saying that it has already been sold - but the book still appears on the web site!!!! So, I'm now making a second round of enquiries in order to obtain a copy of the Lizard Eaters.

Once a mob called Allibris Books in the US took my money, found out they didn't have the book, returned my money. That sounds fine but I got hit up for a double whack of International Exchange charges on my credit card and got nothing in return, except $4.48 worth of experience.

By the way, I read lots of Frank Clune when younger. Have never read more than a few pages of Xavier Herbert, but once spent time with him when he was a guest at the house of the mother of one of my girlfriends. I still have his handwritten breakfast muesli recipe!


Tjilpi, you MET Xavier Herbert?!?! He is a special writer for me, ever since I read Poor Fellow My Country. That was a wonderful story, I can really recommend it. Almost like magic realism.

Jude, this is a lovely post, you really carried the theme through, also between posts. Shows a lot of thought. I'm inspired (but won't be able to act on it straight away - off to the country this weekend!)


I am sure you will be relieved to know that David, in Canberra, will be posting me a 1st Edition copy of The Lizard Eaters on Monday. $27+ $9 for p&p. Unfortunately this copy is not signed by the author.

Oh, and I have read Flynn of the Inland by Ion Idriess. Flynn didn't like Aborigines.


Jude - Interested to know if He Outdoors has a copy of Walter Gill's Petermann Journey?


Am enjoying these posts about the lizards. Our lizards here in So. Cal. are quite small. Would love to taste some of the meat Tjlipi described on his blog.

Sorry to hear about your experience with Alibris. I've not had any problems with them on my orders, but shipping, of course, was within U.S. Also, knew someone who wrote an interesting family history, released last fall, she self-published through them entitled THE HOUSE OF DAVID.

I know this is unrelated to the subject, but just wanted to share my joy with the fact we are finally getting some rain tonight. We're way below normal, with our rainy season about to end. Think water will replace the "black gold" oil as the desired commodity on this planet in a few years, at least in some parts of our world.


As a teenager living on a farm, with no access to a library, I often bought hardcover books when I went shopping. Two of my favourites were by Douglas Lockwood - 'I, the Aboriginal' and 'Life on the Daly River'. My father read the latter book after I had finished it. He discovered that a whole segment (some 30 pages) of the book was missing, and he couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed. I admitted that something seemed a bit strange but because it was next to several pages of photos, I had stopped reading to look at the photos and then continued reading, thinking that I must have lost the train of the story whilst I was looking at the photos.


This is why blogging is so much fun. I get introduced to the most interesting subjects that never would have come my way if I had been stuck in my limited physical world. Thanx!


It seems that there is plenty of interesting reading out there for those interested in Australiana. In reply to Tjilpi, the outdoorsman, D, says he is not familiar with Walter Gill's 'Petermann Journey'. Do you recommend it? But he says to tell you he has a genuine signed copy of one of Idriess's books, 'Forty Fathoms Deep' - the 1950 edition. He received it as a gift when he was a kid.

Lesley de Voil

Hi Jude
I love water dragons. We had a family around our dam near Toowoomba until the drought of the mid-nineties dried up all surface water. Big daddy dragon would sun himself along the trunk of a fallen tree and fall witth a big plop into the water when we walked by, but they never came up to the dairy.
OTOH, now that I am a Brissy-dweller, it is still surprising when I go along Coronation Drive at 6.30am each Sunday, to see one or two young frillies sunning themselves on the riverside footpath near the drain that comes from the old Milton Tennis Courts. I just hope they remember to go back home underneath Coro Drive!!


Jude - yes, I'd recommend Walter Gill's The Petermann Journey. Written by a bloke who went looking for Lasseter's body west of the Rock and the Olgas. Some very interesting photographs of Anangu rituals.


Sounds interesting. Tried local library, but they don't have a copy. Only this one - 'The legend of Lasseter's reef', written by Mark Greenwood in 2003, which could be good as well.

Mik Aidt

I read your blog from February. So, did you read the book? (Lizard Eaters).
I live in Denmark and was visiting Australia in December-February. A friend gave the book to me, and said: "Read it". So I did. At the time, I actually didn't think so much of it. But since I came back to Denmark, certain descriptions on the pages in the end of the book have been popping up again and again: those about how Aboriginal women were treated by the men. I have been thinking I want to find out more about this: Is it really true what Douglas is writing?! So, now I am actually looking for the book - which was also why I stumbled over your blog.
Keep it up. It was nice to read! :-)

Carolyn Booth

I am a first time visitor to this site cause I was chasing 'The Lizard Eaters' as well for someone else. I used to live in Central Aust as a child. Just to get off the subject and talk about Dragon Lizards (Water dragon lizards), while living near Toowoomba I used to have a large vege garden I would work on regularly. One day I turned around to find Daddy (or Mummy) lizard right behind me eating the flower heads off the wild turnip weed (yellow flower). I had been busy pulling them out. Now I had to leave them for him. After that he would often come up near me while I worked in the garden. Ohh to be trusted by a wild creature is wonderful. Just thought I would like to share those moments with you all.

Happy hunting

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