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How fabulous - love the crocodile! And the cat is also cute. I must say that having a giraffe as doorstop has an advantage: it means that you don't have to bend down to pick it up and move it. Or does picking up a giraffe by its neck considered cruelty to animals? I'm very gentle.

I'm looking forward to hearing from people who have unusual doorstops!


Love principally the cat, but the crocodile is beautiful too!
Interesting post, Jude!

And thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!

Account Deleted

"Doorstops" are a menu item at 'Sporties' a restaurant I frequent with my son. They are a length of stick bread cut in half, topped with a sauce containing avocado and chicken, turkey and avocado, or prawns and avocado. They come with potato wedges and salad and the servings are rather large. After eating one I'm sure I could act as a door stop for a door on a bank vault.


My grandmother had a large seashell to prop open her front door. As a child I would hold it to my ear to 'listen to the waves'. I could never understand how all that water stayed in that shell!!


And the winner is... Tjilpi!

 Buck 1936

How strange to see the crococodile door stop as I have one; One of my son's got it for us when he first joined the navy; I was always repairing it or revarnishing it for my wife and despite countless asking by my daughter for it have kept it as a keepsake of her really.
Of course all the other ones are good as well but the Croc caught my eye in a big way.
.Such a good looking blog this with all the green.

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