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They are rainforest dwellers? Yet I have also found one in my Kansas City neighborhood on the temperate and drought-besieged plains of North America. Perhaps mine is a different variety. Or perhaps mine was some child's pet that was disposed of after it had died.

Nice post, as always!


I didn't know that rhinoceros beetles were rare. I do remember seeing one when I live in the South Pacific and was both repelled and fascinated by its size and beauty.

Kit Hubert

Happy hunting, Jude.. seems like where there's one there's likely to be another.
I was going to suggest that if you find one, you could keep it in a cricket cage, but on second thought.. it'd
have to be a mighty big cricket cage!


When I was a kid I used to dare them to latch onto my little finger. I think I had worked out that their jaws were not jaws at all.

kent Samuelson

I'd like to buy a rhino beetle. Does anyone know where I can do this. I live in the US. Thanks.

mariam kim

Greetings to u from the middle east, arabia.
i was searching for info on centipede bites and google showed ur topic here on beetles. having read it, it reminds me of the time i got bit by a clicking black beetle here in the middle east,my leg where i got bit became so swallen i couldnt walk and a burning sensation running through my legs..definitly not fun. My fear of bugs from then on has been over the top and i itch at the thought of being near them. seeing the pic of the beetle on someones hand made me itch like crazy lol.
youve got a interesting blog here i have to say, its been a delight reading it.
Have urself a good day.

Liz & Louka

I love that LP of songs from Christopher Robin - I had it as a child but I don't know what became of it.

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