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Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. I hope you keep it up forever and ever.


I think many humans' gums recede too.

Congrats on your latest degree of long-toothedness! I always enjoy your insights and comments.


That's two votes from regular readers - and here's a third.

Maybe blogging is like flying gliders - you only keep doing it while it is still fun.


Congratulations on your year. I'd miss you if you went, so please don't. I know how you feel about the blogging - but I think it's worth the investment of time. Regular writing keeps the mind sharp.

Great jazz you're listening to, I love the sax. But those Bulgarian birds drive me potty.


Congrats on your one yr blog anniversary!

Yes, you're quite right about idioms of Eng. lang., plus our slang, as being very challenging for those trying to learn Eng. You can imagine the consternation with "You'll find him hangin' 'round the corner." They're frequently lost when someone experiences an onset of language problems for a variety of reasons.

Visiting blogs is fun but has played havoc with my time as well; staying up much too late; find it somewhat addictive. Need to find more of a balance which will mean fewer visits.

Glad to hear the explanation of the meaning of long-in-the-tooth. Find the stories behind some of these expressions quite interesting; those stories I don't know, intriguing. Many come from horse and buggy days when most of us were farmers -- before cars, planes and the like.


Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary!
I agree with Anna, "it's worth the investment of time. Regular writing keeps the mind sharp." I like so much your blog and please keep doing it!

About proverbs and sayings, here in Brazil we have the same: 'Never look a gift horse in the mouth', translated in Portuguese is: "Em cavalo dado não se olha os dentes"


Congratulations! Hope you'll carry on for a while yet. Why does your archive only go back as far as April 2005?


PLEASE keep up your blog, Jude. Time-consuming? Yes. Worth the time? Yes. You are expressing yourself and sharing with others. What a powerful tool blogging is.

There is another aspect of blogging that can cramp your lifestyle though, and that is remembering bits and pieces about the people behind the blogs you read. As if we don't already have enough to remember these days! I have bookmarked so many, and have given up adding them all to my list of blogs on my blog, but one thing I started yesterday was to print out the profiles of each blogger, and then annotating them as I go along. Well, that's the intention anyway! Does anyone else do something similar, or do you just go with the flow?


Thank you all for the messages and encouragement. I know that each of you would understand well the big commitment of time it takes once you climb aboard the blog train. My biggest problem now is the guilt I feel when I don't keep up with reading all my favourite blogs and happen to miss a significant post by one of my 'friends'. I also feel concerned that there are a few of my 'real' friends that I spend less time with these days because of the blogging.

Although it's tempting, Val, to document profiles as you have done (you would have to be a librarian!), I am afraid about getting even more locked-in to the blog world than I already am. It's a real dilemma.

Don't know what happened with my earlier archives, Jean, but I discovered it's possible to locate them by going back to the earliest and then using the 'Back' button.


Hi Jude, me again.
I am feeling sometimes the same:I have been guilt "when I don't keep up with reading all my favourite blogs and happen to miss a significant post by one of my 'friends'." Exactly the same!

Kit Hubert

Huge conga rats on doing this for a year! I know how much work it is.. but I do hope you'll still
be doing it a year from now; my blogosphere just wouldn't be the same without it.

I feel guilty when I don't leave a comment on the blogs I read. I read a lot more than I comment!

 Buck 1936

Yes congratulations Jude I have not been doing Blogs as long as you but I enjoy it and it does keep the mind sharp

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