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Yairbut, I live in a desert.


Lame excuse! Watch out for the handy little booklet on growing vegetables in Alice Springs - due out very soon. For more info tune into the interview found here:


Potato vine - don't mention that. What a plague, at least here in Melbourne gardens. We once planted it to hide a cyclone fence - that did the trick all right, and more besides. In our current garden we didn't plant it but a neighbor did. So now we have to watch that fence plus the neighbors' at the back who have morning glory...


Val, not sure whether you might be talking about the ornamental potato vine (Solanum jasminoides) which has a white flower. Mine is the edible sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) with a blue flower - but they behave similarly once in the ground.

For Tjilpi too - there's an interesting discussion thread on the Dave's Garden site about growing Ipomoea:


Yes, I was thinking of solanum jasminoides, had forgotten the proper name. Produces white flowers like crazy. I guess finding it on our fenceline pays us back for the time we planted wandering jew (we were young and innocent and in our first house and garden). Our neighbor then reaacted very diplomatically when we told him we'd planted it.

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