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Ronni Bennett

Ah, a fellow chopsticks user. Long ago, I discovered this is the easiest way to eat salad for exactly the reasons you give. Doesn't work in non-Asian restaurants though...


Now that's a weird habit I'm willing to try - although I'm not very adept at using chopsticks, I'm even worse at trying to skewer and eat lettuce with a fork, at least in a civilised manner.

Recycling - pretty much the same. You wouldn't care to recycle some of the stuff I threw out of the fridge yesterday, would you? Unopened mayonaisse (Use by Oct 2002), and several other things with similar dates. I didn't think we even owned the fridge at that time - perhaps they came with it?

My energy burst would be first thing in the morning - if only I didn't make a beeline for the computer and start blogging! My energy decreases through the morning and I usually fall asleep at the table after lunch. Trouble is that I can't sleep if I actually lie down on the bed. (Actually, I'm to be tested for Sleep Aponea in a few weeks, although I think Narcolepsy would be more like it.)

What, only one pen?? I always know where to find a pen as they all seem to finish up in my handbag. Even though I know there's one there, I'll add another if I see one on the table - just in case the others don't work when I need them to.

I hope your heatwave ends soon (but please don't send it down here) and that you get a couple of inches of rain, if that's what you need. It hasn't been too hot here yet (although today is forecast 37) but the wretched wind is such a nuisance. Dries the garden out more than the heat.

Have a lovely Christmas, Jude.


43C(109.4F) predicted for the Alice today, Friday 23rd.

Talk about torpor.

However, a forecast for snow and reindeer is still being made for the 25th.


It was 33 C when I got up this morning in 'the Alice'. Only another 10 degrees to go!

Hey Tjilpi, how about you do the weird meme too?


Oh, I meant to say (before I got distracted by Tj) that I share no's 2 & 3 of your above habits, courtesy of being brought up by the stringsaver generation. It made an indelible impression on my psyche.


Ronni - you need to get into the habit of always carrying a pair of disposable chopsticks in the bottom of your handbag. You can buy them in packs of 50 from the Asian grocers.

Alice - we've eaten canned food that expired in 1999. I might have given that mayonnaise a go. You need to check the smell and ensure that its consistency is still OK. My current squeeze pack of Kraft expired in May 04. This habit of mine (ours) sends our kids off the deep end. They won't eat anything out of our frig until they have checked the Use By date. And re pens - see #37 listed in my 'About'.

Elsewhere - so how come none of MY kids save things like I do? I would have liked to pass the meme to Tj, but didn't want to distract him on what is probably his biggest script writing day for the year.

Take it easy today, you people up there in Alice. (Did you re-fill the pool yet, Tj?) Enjoy Sydney, El; at least it will be a whole lot cooler. And don't forget to save all the gift ties and fancy bows!


Ix-nay on the eme-may, thank you El. I would have thought that more than 5 of my weird habits have been displayed on "Tjilpi" during the past year.

While I am here I should report that "Tjilpi" received a number of awards in the end of year Blog Contests.
1) Best Blog from Burke Street
2) Most Outrageous Commenter
3) Best Toe Nail Removing Blog
4) Best Psychiatric Reality Check Blog for my post on "No it is not just the Christmas blues, the fact is, you really are suicidally depressed!"


Hi Jude, thanks for the meme. Really I have more than five weird habits! LOL! I will try to think how to put it on a good English language.
Thanks anyway!


Jude, I just wanted to let you know that I have fulfilled most of the meme requirement (half of it). It is one of today's two posts to Roundrock Journal.

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