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Pat the Chooks

Phew, what a scorcher! as the red-top papers would say in UK. Just thought you'd like to know that it's snowing here in Argyll (Scotland) and we're due for a good drop overnight, so getting the car up the drive in the morning could be interesting.


Nice post and pics (as usual). I recognize the banana as my mother had one in Florida back in the day, but it's really not hot enough where she lived on the central west coast. All the types of citrus grew well but not bananas. Sweet potatoes sound wonderful. As does swimming, sigh.


Phew! The contrast is enormous. Our version of "milder" weather has brought us freezing rain on top of the remaining snow which did not melt. Footing is treacherous to the point that I hardly have the courage to venture outside at all.


You'll be pleased to know that I "planted" my sprouting Ipomoea batatas in a water filled gherkin jar placed on top of the kitchen cupboards. It's my first attempt at gardening in a long time, and my first indoor plant in this house. Of course, I'm going organic.


That's not gardening, Tj, it's home decoration! What you need to do is buy a bag of cheap potting mix from your supermarket. Lay it on its side in a spot handy to a tap, make a split in the centre and put the potato in. Cover thickly with a mulch of whatever you have around - and keep damp. THAT's gardening!


That sounds like a great idea. If I put the bag of potting mix next to the kitchen sink I'll have plenty of water on hand, and will still have the delight of an indoor plant.

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