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I see, we are awarding ourselves badges of honour now, are we? I can see now it

Awarded "Hole in Leaf plus Bar" for showing great restraint in face of a horde of invading insects.

I've had a few comments on my phone fixing abilities along the lines of

So now you've announced to the world that you are a genius, what are you going to do for an encore?


The holes on the leaves certainly look familiar ... just like the ones some of my Bird of Paradise leaves are sporting. Earlier this year, I spotted a quite attractive large green grasshopper at work on the leaves as I observed his or her efforts bite by bite from my living room window.

My meager amateur gardening efforts are by no means on a par for comparison with what I'm reading about yours, all the exotic plants, recycled water. At best I can only say I use no pesticides. The resident pair of mockingbirds, other birds help maintain balance. Ladybugs have been observed contributing their efforts to the cause of organic gardening. Basic makings for a salad have done well with only one green (though quite large) tomato worm this past summer.

Did have to give up my worm bed, those wonderful castings and worm juice as had no way to keep the worms cool enough in the summertime. Was fun while it lasted, but no care for them if I had to be away, either. Attended a compost work shop a couple of years ago, obtained a bin, but circumstances have prevented my setting it up yet.

Am harvesting my first citrus crops from dwarf varieties planted in half-whiskey barrels on the edge of my patio which I finally started this Spring.

Continue to enjoy reading about your plants.


OK, I am a backsliding organic. I just cannot maintain my roses without some help. But everything else is left to its own devices. Now for a picture of the flower.


I know what you mean about worms in the summer, Joared. I keep mine in the shade, but suspect they are struggling to survive in the heat. I notice that the breeding has slowed down.

Being organic is a great excuse for lazy gardeners, Tabor - and Tjilpi!

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