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My guess is that El won't like that. I bet she regards baby pics in pretty much the same way you regard cat pics.


I used to be able to do that with my stomach until it got stuck permanently in fully pregnant mode.

I guess I'm on the beginning side of middle age, being 47, but if I didn't know about labels, I would still imagine myself in my youth.


Still middle-aged? Okay, if you are, I am, yay! :)
Glad your mom is in a clean, safe, and lovely place.
Everyone's grandkids are the most beautiful evar, lol. But congrats on this exciting time for you(r daughter). I'm with you, glad that's all past and this next adventure is on.


Have to agree with that, Jude. Is there any way we could get into a time-warp and stay here? I'll be 62 on Tuesday. Although I've never slavishly followed trends and fashion it is nice to be able to choose to do and be what you want - just because you can. Have a very Happy New Year, as I'm sure it will be with a new grandchild to love.


Of course you young things in your sixties are in your middle age of life! Having just entered my seventh decade a few months ago, I'm not yet ready to give up that designation even for myself. Will consider it some later year, maybe in my eighth decade.

The photo of your mother, Jude, indicates she is well-cared for and in an inviting environment. Not always easy to experience the changes in our loved ones. The most difficult decision I ever had to make some years ago was accepting my mother required more assistance than I could provide, thus could no longer live independently. Some years later, along came my granddaughter who is ten years old now, almost eleven she would probably say.

Life comes full circle as you anticipate the addition of a new young life to your family. Enjoy!


Thank you for sharing these photos of your family life - a lovely way to illustrate the beautiful flow of life.


Who gives a toss about what El likes? (She has actually posted at least one baby pic on her site; it was the blogger-baby-commentary that palled. At least us cat owners supply witticisms with our cat photos.)

If you're hanging on to 'middle-aged', I'm sticking with 'late mid-youth.'

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