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Ronni Bennett

Wow. Nice Christmas gift, Jude. And Merry Christmas to you...


That reminds me of the film "Dennis the Menace", but in that case Dennis spoils the whole shebang (a crowd of people seated in a hushed semicircle no less)when the kid does something outrageous and distracts them just for the few seconds (only in Hollywood)that the flower blooms. Glad you weren't distracted, and full marks for remembering to look on what would have been a distracting evening. And thanks for sharing with us!


There's a message in there somewhere...

Q1: How long do you estimate the flowers were 'open'?
Q2: Any idea of how pollination occurs under such time constraints?
Q3: What is the meaning of life?


Nice story!
Also like the "Definitely no photos of any living cat". :)
And lol Q3 from Val.


Oh, sorry, tjilpi. It's a little counter-intuitive to have the comment author's name physically appear in someone else's apparent space, lol.

This is a nice blog and I surely do not want to mess up even its comments.


Murphy's Law explains it all.


Loved the Dennis story, Val. I imagine that my flowers stayed open a little longer than that one did.

I expect they lasted from dusk to dawn for that one night, Tj. They were certainly closed when I checked the following morning. I believe that there are particular insects active at night for pollination. There are always ants on the flowers, so maybe they would have done the job.

Nice to have you stop by, Dus7. And since you missed it, here's the link to a cat photo that met my posting criteria:


Clearly worth a post-midnight walk. I love that fact that this plant bloom incognito and yet is so lovely.

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