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The fatted goose sounds about right. When I was reading about Thanksgiving, the article pointed out that all the ingredients of an American Thanksgiving meal are native North American species - turkey, cranberry, corn etc.

I don't know what the equivalent meal would be in Bushtucker.

Would be interesting to know when the above species made it back to England.

Speaking of imports, I've just noticed that I have an Ipomoea batata sprouting shoots from one end. Haven't seen that before.


Plant that sweet potato. Mound it under a little soil and a heap of vegetable matter, keep it well watered and mulched and you should get yourself a nice crop.

I think the bush-tucker people are working on coming up with some Aussie Christmas fare. Macadamia nuts of course, and rock oysters and prawns should be part of it here on the coast. You inlanders can have your emu and kangaroo steaks and dried quondongs.


We used to call Macadamia Nuts - Bauple Nuts - in Maryborough. Bauple Mountain is nearby. Must have been a local name. I understand that Macadam was a Melbourne chemist and had those delicious nuts named after him. I think they are found from northern NSW all the way to FNQ. They're $30 per kilogram here. We used to have a tea chest full of them under the house from the tree in the back yard when I was a kid. It was often my job to crack a stack of them when Mum's recipe called for nuts.

You can imagine how I feel about forking out $30/kg.

Should the batata be planted in shade or sun?

Pat the Chooks

Delighted you found this post; it's one of my favourites, and yes, my name is Pat[rick]. The personal link to this story from the papers is that this was the village in which I used to play dame in the pantomime before moving up to Scotland nearly a year ago. Am now about to play dame in a pantomime up here in the highlands, so you can't get the bra out of the boy, no matter how far you move!

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