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"Right now I am listening to the BBC news. Live."

Any chance of finding somebody who is dead who is listening to it?

As one of my Irish customers said today:

Well, Band Aider, we live till we die, and then we find out what happens next.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. It certainly tis exotic to get visits from one of my most favorite places. I will have to write a 'life story' on my visit there sometime. I used to get packages from my family wrapped in the hometown newspaper. I would do the same thing, to see if I could catch up on what was happening in my little farming hometown.


Hi Jude! I resolve this problem doing that: I sign my prefer newspaper "O Estado de S.Paulo" and 2 times a week I go to the village near my house and pick up my newspaper, or my daughter and my son come Sunday to lunch and bring them to us. Have a nice weekend!


Jude, so glad you are enjoying Classic FM as much as I am. I've been advised by a blogger in the UK that it is not in fact a BBC station but a Commercial one, hence the ads. But who cares - the ads. are often humorous and the music is wonderful, although I'm blowed if I can ever get a request played. I sent in 5 requests in one week without any luck, and now that we are on daylight saving down here, it's too late for me to stay up and listen to Lunchtime Requests every night.


If you like really excellent speech radio - features, comedy and drama check out BBC Radio 4 - I'm permanently tuned in.

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