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Oh..this post gives me that stressed out feeling right in the gut. Christmas...coming again this year? Didn't we just do this? I know..we'll get through it like we always do, but I'm getting more "Bah, humbug!" every year.


Thanks Jude - for upping my stress level one notch!

I'm intrigued by your mention of Christmas Turkey. I believe this is a recent addition to our Australian Christmas mythology. When I was a kid it was chook. The two best chooks in Granddad's chook yard were selected on Christmas Eve. I'd watch him chop off their heads, remove the giblets and pluck them. I believe that turkey has only recently arrived on the Australian Christmas menu as a result of our cultural drift to things North American.

Recently, when reading about Thanksgiving, I discoverd that turkey is a native North American species and so would have had to be introduced to England as well for Scrooge to knock it back!


I'm not au fait with Trackback technology. Do I need to learn it? Would it make it any easier to crack the Pablo code? Three hours of work to do that. Sheesh.

farmer john

Hey Jude. For some reason (probably chauvinistic) I had the impression you were of the male persuasion; so pardon my comment about viagra on Tjilpi's site. T's comment about chook was interesting. I am guessing it is some variety of chicken since one has to lop off the head first????


Not sure how recent is recent according to Tjilpi? I know we've been having turkey for Christmas for 40 years and no doubt many Australians were celebrating with it long before that.

To Farmer John - 'chook' usually refers to something older than chicken and in this instance it most likely would have been a rooster or mature hen.

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