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Recently, I spent 3 hours on a post which drew one comment. So I've decided to go around making random and rascally comments on other people's blogs, rather than trying to write my own daily posts.

And to think - I used to have visions of novel writing fame, and $$$millions earned through the movie rights.


Really enjoy your blog. Good music playing in the background, too.


This is a randomly generated comment to increase your ratings.

BTW, isn't Ayn Rand associated with the kind of people who would consider bombing Aljazeera?

You don't have to reply to that.


I know what you mean about hating interruptions. I've been known to get up at 3:30 on a Saturday morning just to get a few hours of uninterrupted time for writing.


Some people are born to blog... and others to comment. There's an art to making thoughtful, meaningful comments and too many people just submit a throw-away remark that's of no real value to the writer. Yours are always appreciated Tj - and your blog is worth reading too.

Wish I could hear that music Joared.


I love that latest twist on 'there are two types of people'...

Ayn was always an oddster -- the 13 years without appointments is only embedding this impression further for me.

I have a backlog of draft posts I've never published or have just given up on.


It's a dilemma - finding the time to blog; I've been considering packing it in because I have so many other things to do - and write. I also need more sleep! But it sucks you back, that good feeling of being part of a far-flung group of interesting people. I love visiting your exotic garden one minute and reading about someone sweeping snow in Poland the next.


Some years ago when I was in one my periodic reading marathons, I found myself caught up in reading some of Ayn Rand's writings, reading others about her and some of those in her circle. She had some interesting ideas i.e. THE ART OF SELFISHNESS. Interesting to me that one of her circle evolved to our U.S. Govt. (Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve guru.) Then there was the ultimately popular psychologist (his name escapes me, senior moment some would say) Rand shared with his wife ... or vice versa.

Did read ATLAS SHRUGGED during that time. Recall little of it to comment. Did you say 13 years, no appts. day or night?? Maybe she had some interruptions not mentioned.

Hope you made it to the library. Keep gardening; your descriptions, pictures of butterflies delightful. Am fascinated with the fruit with which I'm totally unfamiliar.

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