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Glad you post! Lovely yours butterflies!

Jude, this poem is so beautiful! It's brought tears to my eyes. So wise and touching. I print it to read many times. Life is so unexpected ...
I hope a full recovery to Lisa very soon!
Warmly regards, Sonia.


Such a poignant poem. It feels as if one wards off bad things by making an appreciative mantra of the good ones. These thoughts are very familiar.


This is, indeed, a very emotionally moving and thought provoking poem. I had not previously read these lines. I, too, will copy this to share by postal mail with a childhood friend I haven't seen for 40 years. She lives across the continent. These words will be appreciated and hold special meaning for her now. Thank you for the poem and the beautiful butterfly.


I hesitated to print this poem because of copyright concerns, but hope it will be seen as a memorial to its author. (See my next post). Am so pleased that others appreciate it too.


Very poignant. Makes one stop worrying over the little things and enjoy the moment before it is gone.


I love this poem and have added the poet to people I have to read (and read about). Having little people like your Miss M around also helps one appreciate how ephemeral life is--remember when her mom/dad was little?

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