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Welcome back, Jude! Um..who took care of the cat while you were gone?


Welcome home Jude. Has your accent chunged?


Negotiating the sttep and winding roads must be worth it if that is their view!


Welcome home and to blogsphere Jude! What a beautiful view!


Welcome back. We missed you!


Oh Jude, I am such a dill. For weeks every time I checked your blog it would come up at your last posting before going away. Here it is 18/11 and I've only just realised that you are back. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Talking of windy Wellington reminds me of when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in NZ (38 years ago - we arrived there the day Harold Holt (Aussie PM) drowned), we wanted to take photos from the top of Mt. Victoria. It was so windy that we had to hold each other up so that we had any chance of taking the shot.

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