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I leave my shoes on inside the house. I have to, so that I don't tread on the burrs and prickles which have been brought in previously and which are still stuck to the carpet. I've got a Miele vacuum cleaner but all it does is sit lazily in the middle of the living room. Anyway I don't need to use it as I wear shoes, or I put on thongs in the morning. Marg, on the other hand, takes her shoes off at the front door and is forever sweeping and vacuuming. Doesn't makes sense, I reckon.


Sounds like an admission, Tj, that you are the one bringing the debris in, while Marg tries in vain to get it out. I wouldn't be boasting about that if I were you.


I guess I didn't make it clear that Marg and I live in separate houses. It's shoes on at my place, and shoes off at hers. We are only about 75 metres apart so it is a toss up which house we live in at any one moment. I must admit hers is safer to walk in if one is barefoot.


Ah, so that explains the statement about the Miele sitting in the middle of the living room.


We're two empty nesters swapping from nest to nest! Her pool is sparkling blue. Mine shows up as dun brown in the satellite photos. Few people swim in her pool, but it looks good, 'cause she vacuums it all the time. Nobody swims in mine, 'cause it's empty!

It's the same diff with our interior floor coverings. Sparkling clean versus burrs and prickles.

It's an ecological issue with me. I don't waste electricity on vacuuming the house or the swimming pool. Some people are just wastrels.


I wonder how what percentage of bloggers are devoted and enthusiastic housekeepers. I know that if I wasn't reading or writing blogs or finding something else interesting to do online I'd have a lot more time to keep things nice around here. On the other hand, before computers, there were still more interesting things to than housework.


Yeah, I spend my vacuuming money on my ADSL account, and if I don't walk around too much I don't get prickles in my feet.

It's one way to keep me at my blogging desk!

(I wonder if I could earn a living as a stand up [sit down?] comic???)


My housework and ironing (another hated task) have definitely gone down hill since I started blogging. But what do you want to put value on in the end -- the ephemera of posting or the ephemera of housework?

The dust that one tracks inside in the NT is orange -- not a pretty sight! When I bought my current place, it had a light green carpet with orange smears round the doorways. I had it pulled out straightaway.

Can't imagine how people in cold climates like Japan manage to go barefoot without central heating.


For a time I was a regular visitor to the home of a young Japanese woman to tutor her in English. Beside her front door she kept a range of slip-on sandals and warm slippers in various sizes for her guests. I used to relish the comfort of her lambswool scuffs on a cold day. When she came to my house she found it difficult to leave her shoes on as we did. In turn, I felt embarrassed about the gritty floors.

Incidentally, the other Australian practice she found appalling was that of washing china with lots of sudsy water and leaving it to drain without rinsing. I always rinse mine under running water and leave them to dry in the air, but I do see people who just wipe away the suds with a tea-towel.


My husband and I are home all the time and mostly wear lace-up shoes (sneakers) and having to take them off everytime we came into the house would be a real pain (literally, in my knees). I just sweep the floor when it needs it and don't worry. It's certainly been easier in the past two years since we pulled up a lot of the carpet and replaced it with vinyl flooring.

I have a double sink so I wash the dishes in one and rinse in the other, but not under running water (I couldn't bear to watch that much water run down the drain). I very rarely dry the dishes with a towel.


Jude, I LOVE this post and all the comments!
It’s just fit with my concern these days. I have a lot of housework nowadays and I am exhaust, so tired! Cook, laundry, iron, and so on.
I must to brush the floor almost every day! I have Flora, she is adorable, but ... sometimes much fur to sweep away.
Last night we had a big storm at Enseada Azul and the grass is all cover with leaves and trees’ debris. Much work to do! (Thanks I have a sir that weekly makes this kind of work).
But I am at this moment without a lady who helps me to make housework. I am curious: how about you? It’s usual in our country to have a lady to help at housework? How you can take charge of such a heavy and bore work?

I am looking forward to reading the comments!
(I do my best, but anyway, sorry my English’s mistakes!)


There's been another irruption of cicadas here. A few of them manage to get inside. I'm finding them a bit crunchy underfoot, but that Miele just sits there, doing nothing, the lazy b.


No Sonia, I am afraid there is no lady here to help with the housework, although I did have domestic help for a few years when a I was a full-time working mother of three. Now I have much more time, but I really do hate housework. I tried getting someone in again recently, but apart from feeling guilty because I am fit and well, I decided the intrusion in my home and life was something I didn't need right now.

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