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Very interesting this packed bales of sugar-cane! Here we use grass and another little and tiny vegetal garbage to spread on garden, around the trees.
About your "TO DO" list, it's a good habit,indeed. Today you inspire me! I will make my "TO DO" list right away!!


Well, I hope you find a moment to make a blog post now and then.


Was it Bertrand Russell who raised the problem of the ontological status of "The List of Lists"? On which book shelf does it properly belong? Beside the lists it lists, or on another shelf?


Hi Jude - I would love just one of the bales of sugar cane mulch. How big is your garden? Mulching is a lot of work but it saves even more work in the way of watering and weeding, and the improvement to the soil is amazing. We use lucerne mulch on the vegie beds, and either that or pea straw, forest litter or whatever we can get for the rest of the garden. I love your comedy of list-writing; I occasionally write shopping lists but rarely take them with me, or if I do, I can't find them in my handbag.

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