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I think that no matter how much time we do or don't have there is never enough to read enough books to satisfy us. I am addicted to books, of all types not only for their written content but for their illustrations, photographs, binding, coverslips and on it goes. I have taken to avoiding book shops to deter temptation. The library doesn't work either as I always want to keep the books and end up paying lots of overdue fees when I finally return them. I think I have a problem. My bookshelves are spilling out into stacks on the floor but I can't bear to part with any of my treasures. I read books twice, three, four times! I can understand why you made such a tough choice - you have to draw the line somewhere - I wonder if I would ever be so disciplined?


I, too, have found that I am reading less since I got caught up in the blogospher. I'm not sure how much time I spend each day surfing the internet, but it is more than ever before. Fortunately, I watch nearly no television. My wife has to entice me into the room for a show. So that frees up some time and some mind.

But it is sad that I'm not reading as I used to. As I reflect on it, I think there are other factors stealing my reading from me. My commute to my new job takes up a hour round trip, for example.

So far this month, though, I have been doing well at reading, so perhaps there is hope.


I think that there is some specific pleasure to be had from letting yourself be drawn into a fictional narrative. It's rare (for me) that non-fiction has the same drawing power, tho some biogrpahies might run a close second.


Seems like a novel approach to saving time.


Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, Jude. I hope you are enjoying the BBC. We seem to have many similarities in our lives. I retired 4 years ago, did some travel, watch very little TV and rarely go to the movies (even though we often say "We must see that!"), I virtually only read biographies, very rarely fiction unless it's a good mystery. I'm not as thorough with the newspapers, though. We buy a lot of gardening magazines, even English ones, just because we love England so much.

I've started doing a fair bit of sewing again in the form of aprons and dolls' clothes for sale at local markets. My daughter, ShellyC from shellsandbeans blog, makes bags, scarves and hats for the markets so she asked me if I'd like to join her. It's good fun. I also take plants out to the newest market that we started - anything to encourage people to take an interest in plants and gardening.

I'm so glad you 'dropped by' and I look forward to reading all of your postings, both past and future.


Jude, this is a really interesting post! No doubt, the Internet "steal" our time, willy-nilly, by fair or foul means! I need urgently to limit my time online and the "blogsphere" can be addicted. This post today will make me think about! Thank you for sharing this topic with us. Have a nice weekend!

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