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What a gorgeous vine that is. It is hardy to use as a cut flower?


Most of the creeks and rivers in Alice are 'summer creeks' especially during the summer.


Your ducks should try my swimming pool. I'm letting last inch of water in the bottom evaporate before I decide what to do with the muddy mess of leaves and algae.


Gorgeous the wisteria! Delicious your swimming pool!


That 'muddy mess' sounds like the makings of a fabulous compost heap, Tj. But the shovelling up and out might be a challenge. How about a wheel-barrow and a long inclining plank? Or a chain and pulley system with several buckets? Either way, hard yakka!


Did you know that WistEria is named after a bloke called WistAr - ia?


Sorry. Forgot to mention. The pool puddles in the middle. Remaining inch is only about a metre in diameter (mixed metric, I know) so job shouldn't be too bad.

Should that be diametre, or should that be inche??


No bingo-wings for you then, Jude, with all those buckets. I'll do my rain dance for you telepathically, it often works. We are having a wonderful mellow autumn in the South East of England - 70 degrees f. today - heavenly, but rain forecast for tomorrow. I may catch up on the ironing if I can't get out - but probably not.


The sandpaper vine is glorious! I have some in a hanging basket, although it's not doing too well - I think it needs to be in the ground. The dry creek bed actually looks like a landscaping feature that you have put there yourselves! It's quite attractive.It must be lovely to listen to it at night when it is full.


You should plant your sandpaper vine out, Suburbansider. It's hardy and a vigorous grower so will need something sturdy to hang onto.

It droops and drops a lot of flowers, Kenju, so I don't fancy it in a vase. The rough leaves really do work as super-fine sandpaper though.

You need to have that pool back in operation for the summer hols, Tj. This weekend would be a good time to tackle that puddle!!

Anna, ironing in my house is mostly done on an 'as required' basis - the person needing to wear the item irons it just before putting it on.

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