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I saw lots of bananas growing in Costa Rica and Barbados. It must be nice to be able to walk outside and pick a banana off your very own tree.


Reminds me of when I was about 10 or 11. A kid over the road decided he wanted to run up a banana tree, so he drove a dozen nails throught the soles of each of his shoes and set out at a cracking pace. The nails simply ripped through the plant vertically and he only got about a foot off the ground. In his frustration he picked up a boomerang and threw it at the tree. He decapitated it on his first throw.

He was a bit of a wild lad, was Stan.


Actually not so simple Kenju; the bunches are always too high to reach and, as Tjilpi points out, the trunks are not sturdy enough to take a ladder. As the bunches are sometimes too heavy for one person to lift, the best way is often to fell the entire trunk, as it won't bear again anyway. They are usually cut down while the fruit is still green and the bunch is then hung under shelter so that the hands can be cut as they progressively ripen.

It is fortunate that rotting bananas are compost worms' favourite fruit, so we will always be able to get rid of any surplus.

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