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Being a crystal set fanatic when I was young, I always called them "germaniums" after germanium diodes which replaced cats whiskers and galena. Nobody laughed.

Ronni Bennett

My mother was a geranium fan when I was a kid and, unlike most everyone else, I guess - I actually like their original aroma. Later in life, my mother took to collecting various varieties of mint that come in many of the "flavors" you've described for these scented geraniums.


This post brings back many happy memories from my grandma’s garden. The garden was little, but the flowers were gorgeous! The red geranium was the most beautiful! I remember with pleasure my childhood and I miss my grandma and grandpa, they were very kind and lovely and they love so much me and my twin siter.


Sonia - I hope you are growing some red geraniums in your garden now, in memory of your grandma!

Ronni - you don't need to tell me about the mints - I collect those as well - 14 at last count, including a pretty patch of catmint (which so far, thankfully, appears not to have attracted any of the neighbours' cats).

Tjilpi - I've never heard of germanium. Thanks for that germane piece of information.

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