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I think there is a decided philosophical change in the way we in the western world are approaching death. Once it didn't happen, then it became normal and now it is almost larger than life! Personally I'm finding the transition difficult.


Yes. Two of my blogfriends recently wrote wonderfully about the death of people close to them and I was filled with sorrow and compassion and gladness to know these writers. (no permalink - 27 Sept post)


If I thought about this in theory, I might think it was weird. But in practice, it isn't. It is something I value very much.


Thanks for mentioning my post, Jean. By the same strange web of connections, I found my way here. Seems like there are many of us writing about the last days of loved ones at this time and even if we don't know each other, there must be a thread of compassion uniting us.

And I love the list about this blog's writer - I can echo many items there, including a love for the spice cumin, Jacques Loussier, being always late, not liking to talk on the phone, etc.
Glad to meet you!


Thank you for the links Jean. Every story I read has something different about it for me to think about and take in. And since writing this I have read yesterday's story posted by 'Elsewhere' as a memorial to her younger brother whose death was even more poignant because he was aged just 35.

As someone who has never been around to experience the death or attend the funeral of anyone close to me, I can only hope to learn something from the stories of others - something that will help me when my turn inevitably comes.

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